Can I Sell My Home As-Is?


One of the biggest challenges of selling your home isn’t finding that buyer, it is navigating through the selling process to actually get to the closing table. A buyer wants to have a home inspection done on the house.  You have lived in your home for 20 years and think back on all the small things you have fixed over the years.  You think about the age of your furnace?  Have building codes changed over the last 20 years? What will the inspector find?  Who will you hire to fix any problems? How much is this going to cost? What if the buyer walks away from the sale?  Often times the biggest hurdle is negotiating through a repair amendment.  So what if you could avoid all of that? 


A seller has the right to sell there home in as is condition.  A seller is under no obligation to make repairs to their property only to disclose any defects.  However, a buyer has the right to inspect a property they are pursuing to purchase and if they are not comfortable with specific findings discovered in a home inspection then they can ask the home owner to make necessary repairs or walk away from the purchase. If the buyer walks away no one wins in that kind of deal  A home warranty is a great solution to selling your home as-is.  Consumer’s purchase warranties for their stereos, appliances and cars.  Why not for your biggest investment-your house? A home warranty can cover household items such as the furnace, water heater, dishwasher etc.  Generally home warranties are purchased as a yearly product.  Home warranty companies work with contractor/repair companies on the repair and pay them directly.  The home owner only pays a small deductible which in many cases is less than the cost of the actual service call!


Imagine selling your home with confidence and bullet proofing your sale by marketing the home as-is with a 1-3 or even 5 year home warranty to the prospective buyer?  The benefit to the new buyer is great.  They are able to purchase the home confidently knowing that if a problem comes up they can contact the home warranty company to report a claim.  Claims are easy to make by simply calling the 800 number of the warranty company to report the problem.  


Selling your home doesn’t have to be a hassle.  A home warranty can be a great asset to a home owner.  If you are considering selling as-is talk to your Realtor about offering a home warranty with the sale of the house. 


Written By Shannon Fonner, Sunflower Real Estate Group, LLC